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Heinan Landa
My son started taking lessons with Leigh when he was 10 years old after several years of other teachers that got him nowhere. Leigh was able to pick up on his love for the Beatles and encourage his natural love for music and for the guitar. In no time flat, Adam was flying through more and more complex music and absolutely loving it! In the process, Leigh taught him the practical music theory that differentiates a real guitar player. He also helped him arrange a version of “The End” which got Adam selected to be the lead guitarist for a youth Beatles Band in a nationwide competition. And shortly after that, Leigh helped Adam learn some of the most complex fingerpicking I have ever seen (arranged by Tommy Emmanuel.)Adam clearly came to the table with some musical talent — but it takes the right teacher to nurture that talent and give it voice. Leigh did that for him through some gifted and caring instruction, and Adam’s love of music and performing will surely always be part of his life.I’ve put some links to Adam’s music below (proud dad that I am)… and I can’t encourage you enough to give Leigh a try if you or your kids are thinking about some professional instruction.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqdhE65XNNk




Sean Dobson
I have been a student for eight years at the Classical Guitar and Bass Studio, studying classical guitar with Leigh Oben. Leigh is one of the best teachers I have ever had in any subject. He has high standards, but he makes learning the guitar fun. He can play and teach lots of styles of guitar — classical, rock, jazz, etc. — and he is great at all of them. I have watched him teach students of different ages and I can tell they all were having a great learning experience. If you want to learn the guitar, study with Leigh! -Sean Dobson Silver Spring, MD.